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Sliding Door

Slide-fold Door

Fixed Sunshade / Box Louver

Sliding Louver / Sunshade

Openable Sunshade

Other Doors


  • Windows

We offer sliding, top hung, casement window complete with anodizing, powder coating or fluorocarbon.

We are able to offer sound reduction casement window through the use of double-glazed glass which can achieve 49dB, equivalent to quiet office or street environment.

We have the opportunity to work with InterContinental Hotel to retrofit their windows to achieve required acoustic requirements for low floor rooms facing the main roads.







Thick profile w/o centre mullion



Full height with internal glass safety barrier

with thick window profile



For robust look and performance, we offer wide extrusion profile with high performance mechanisms and components for easy and trouble free operations.

We are able to offer up to 3.5m high sliding panel through proper reinforcement and use of quality roller.




  3.5m high sliding door



Reliable top-mounted heavy duty quad roller system for smooth, reliable performance with matching double track for optimum performance and support which ensures heavy panel operates easily.

Recommend to keep each panel below 600mm and have an odd number of panels with odd panel acting as a hinged door to allow convenient exit or entry without opening up the slide-fold door.


                         U-channel bottom track                        Quad roller top track    

                                Floor drop required if exposed to weather.

Construct of various box hollow section (25x50 or 25x75, etc) with various spacing (25,38mm, etc) to achieve various aesthetic, sun shading and privacy objective.




 Fix Vertical Sunshade



Fix Horizontal Sunshade



 Trellis below glass canopy



Hanging Aerofoil Blades Sunshade 






Sliding door infill with standard aluminium blades or 50mm aerofoil for area such as balcony enclosure or screen in front of existing sliding door



 Sliding Sunshade with 50mm aerofoil blades



 Sliding louver with standard louver blades

[Top : Outside view / Bottom : Inside View]




 Sliding Sunshade



 Sliding Glass Door Integrated With Box Louver 



 Sliding Sunshade



Casement or centre pivot panel sunshade infill with aluminium hollow or aerofoil blades.





Comply with PUB regulatory requirement.


Container doors with door within door





Door with aerofoil blades


Window within hinge door



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